McDonald’s Fans Are Abuzz After Learning the News of a Returning Fan Favorite Menu Item

PatrickRich via Flickr

Sometimes we end up having a usual order at certain restaurants and fast food chains. While we like to mix things up from time to time, there are always certain menu items that we love so much we want to get them every time we’re at that particular restaurant. What really hurts is when one or more of those menu items disappears from the menu never to return again.

Sometimes there are menu items that are seasonal, like the pumpkin spice latte. We can handle waiting until August or September each year for one of our favorite flavors. However, there are other menu items that we were able to enjoy all year round year after year until they mysteriously disappeared.

McDonald’s may have started with burgers, but one beverage they served has quite the cult following. We’re talking about the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. This non-carbonated beverage first appeared on menus in 1955 but disappeared in 2017. You can imagine that disappointment when long-time fans were no longer able to order their favorite beverage.

Instead of quickly wishing the beverage would return, some fans started a petition. They also made a lot of noise on Twitter. Now, McDonald’s official Twitter account has some good news – the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst is coming back.

Fans of the beverage are so excited that they can hardly believe it’s true.

If you want to get your hands on the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst as soon as it’s available, it’s actually pretty easy to find out when that will be. McDonald’s has created to help customers find out when the beverage will be available at their favorite location.

Are you a fan of the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst? What other menu items do you wish McDonald’s would bring back? Do you think the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will be available for a long time, or do you think McDonald’s will eventually remove it from the menu again?