‘Little People’ Amy Roloff Reveals Ex-Husband Matt Roloff Renting Out Home


In a surprising turn of events, Matt Roloff, star of “Little People, Big World,” has decided to rent out the house that Amy Roloff, his ex-wife, once called home, and Amy has some strong feelings about it.

The revelation came during a confessional interview on the upcoming season 25 premiere of the reality show. Amy expressed her unexpected reaction, saying, “I never pictured that the house that I raised my kids in for the last 30 years [would] be a short-term rental. There should be a family or someone in it.”


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While acknowledging that Matt has every right to make business decisions about the property, Amy admitted that, from a personal perspective, the idea of their former family home becoming a short-term rental is “very sad.” The former couple, parents to twins Zach and Jeremy, daughter Molly, and son Jacob, shared the house for over three decades.

Despite the emotional impact, Amy recognizes the business sense in Matt’s decision. In her own words, “It makes sense, you know, for Matt to do it. I mean, from a business perspective, or anything, it definitely makes sense.”

Amy sold her share of the Roloff Farms land to Matt a year after their separation in 2015. The farm has been a central point of family drama, particularly since Matt’s announcement in May 2022 that he intended to sell the property. Tensions escalated between Matt and his sons Zach and Jeremy, leading to Zach and his family relocating to Washington.

Following the failed attempt to sell the farm, Matt disclosed his plans to rent out the property, including the family home. This decision has not been well-received by Amy, who finds it emotionally challenging despite understanding the business rationale.

The show’s upcoming season promises to shed more light on the family dynamics, especially concerning the farm. Amy’s current husband, Chris Marek, expressed a lack of interest in discussing Matt’s business moves, highlighting the complexities of navigating relationships within the extended family.

Check out more highlights you can expect on the all new season of Little People Big World, premiering Tuesday, February 20 at 9/8c.

How do you think Amy’s emotional attachment to the family home might impact the ongoing drama on “Little People, Big World”?