Man With Nine Wives Says He Is Getting A Divorce

Turning point via YouTube

Brazilian model and swinger Arthur O. Urso doesn’t have nine lives—he has nine wives. That’s right, he was able to marry nine different women all at the same time. But now, one of his spouses has decided she no longer wishes to be a swinger and wants to part ways with him once and for all.

Though polygamy is outlawed in Brazil, Urso was able to seal the deal with nine women in Sao Paulo, including fellow swinger Luana Kazaki. Though he says he loves them all, his main reason for choosing this lifestyle is because he wanted to “protest against monogamy.”

However, recently, one of his wives named Agatha decided that this life wasn’t for her. After admitting that she was “missing a monogamous relationship,” she decided to file for divorce from Urso, and essentially the rest of his wives as well.

Even though Arthur had plenty of wives to spare, he was pretty dejected over the whole thing. “It didn’t make sense – we have to share,” he said. “I was very sad about the separation and even more surprised by her excuse.”

The eight remaining wives supported their husband, saying that Agatha’s “attitude was wrong” and believed “that she accepted the marriage for adventure and not for real feelings,” Arthur explained.

Down to a mere seven wives, Arthur is now wishing to not only replace Agatha, but also add two more eventually, to equal a total of 10 wives. That’s always been his wish.

“I have a dream – my wish has always been to have 10 wives,” he said.

So Wwhat about children? Right now, he has one daughter with one of his wives, but his goal is to eventually “have [a child] with each one of my wives.”

Alas, this isn’t a ploy to use them—he says he genuinely feels love for all of his wives and it wouldn’t be fair to play favorites in choosing who gets to bear a child with him. “The love I feel for each of them is the same. I think it would be unfair to only have children with one or two of them.”

Urso admits to earning about $73,000 a month on OnlyFans in which he shares sexy videos of himself and his first wife.

To hear more about Urso’s story and his marriage to all these women, check out the video below.

What do you think of polygamous relationships? What are your thoughts on one of his wives wanting a divorce—and him wanting to add more afterwards?