15 Tweets That Sum Up the Thoughts of Every Woman Who Has Ever Dealt With a Man With a Cold

Being sick is the worst—we can all agree on that. But, sorry men, most of you really stink at being sick.

A woman has a cold and she can still power through the day—one tissue in her nose, she’s still at the office, making dinner, and giving the kids a bath.

But ever notice when a man gets sick, it’s like his whole world ended? Call the ambulance! Write the will! Say bye to the kids! As a human, men physically stop working.

You know this struggle well if you’re the woman caring the man when he catches a cold—or should we say “man flu”? At least, that’s what we’ve deemed a grown man who can’t handle a simple cold.

Don’t believe us? Here are 15 women who found themselves dealing with a man with a cold. Let us say a little pray for each of them (and then laugh hysterically because these tweets are so relatable!).

  1. Who really suffers when the husband is sick?

    You’re the real MVP.

  2. He’s always sicker than you are.

    Even when yours could be fatal.

  3. Will the cold actually kill him?

    Or will the wife?

  4. He resorts to his childlike dependencies.

    AKA he literally becomes a baby.

  5. The kids have to know Dad loves them.

    He probably wrote a will too.

  6. It could literally be enough to leave him.

    Someone take this man child off my hands!

  7. You can’t convince them that it’s just a cold.

    He almost has us believing it too. Almost.

  8. Ice cream makes everything better.

    Even if it’s not for the “sick” man in your life.

  9. Everyone’s asking…

    Definitely not.

  10. How long do we have to stand for it?


  11. They never let you forget it.

    “Remember that time I was sick?” Dude, get over it already!

  12. There’s no difference between a sick man and a sick baby.

    In fact, we think we’ll take the baby.

  13. Just what the doctor ordered…

    Chicken soup with a side of attention.

  14. The plague would be better.

    Please, take me instead!

  15. Wives-caring-for-sick-husbands unite!

    We love him still, we swear.

Do you have a husband who’s dramatic when he has a cold? What do you do to deal?