Quarantined Man in France Runs a Marathon on His Small Balcony

The coronavirus outbreak has put a halt to many people’s sense of “normal.” For example, a typical daily routine of getting up and going to work might mean getting up and sliding into your dining room chair.

It also might mean having to get a little creative with your workouts, especially if you were previously someone who liked to exercise in a gym. With sports centers being closed around the country until further notice, more and more people are turning to home workouts.

But that isn’t quite the same, is it? Being cooped up inside all day—and then having to get your fitness on in the same spot? It just doesn’t feel right.

One man decided that he wasn’t going to let a little cabin fever stop him from meeting his goals. Elisha Nochomovitz is a seasoned marathon runner with 36 races under his belt. He wasn’t going to let some social distancing stop him from his training.

“I wanted to bring something playful to the containment,” he explained.

And while officials are saying it’s safe to be outside and get some fresh air, Nochomovitz does have a good point—what if everyone chooses to do that? Will being outside become too dangerous?

“I saw pictures of people going out of their homes for jogging. But if everyone does the same, we will all end up outside.”

Instead of taking that way out (literally), Nochomovitz decided to use his 7-meter balcony of his apartment to train for his marathon. And in 6 hours and 48 minutes, he managed to run 26.2 miles—just around his balcony.


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🎖FINISHER MARATHON DE MON BALCON🎖 . 🔸️Je viens courir pendant près de 7heures sur mon balcon de 7 mètres de long et 1metre de large. (Vous avez été nombreux à calculer,à peu près 6000 A/R) J’avais la possibilité de sortir pour courir autour de la maison,mais si tout le monde pense pareil on aurait été nombreux dehors… Mon travail a été reconnu d’inutilité public,donc le meilleur moyen de ne pas se laisser abattre c’est de faire du sport. 🔸️La consigne était de rester à la maison,c’est ce que j’ai fait. Juste pour vous montrer qu’on a pas d’excuses,et s’il vous plaît penser à toutes ces aides soignants qui sont en première ligne face à ce virus 🙏🙏❤ J’écris à chaud après avoir tourner pendant 7h sur mon balcon…tout se mélange dans ma tête et j’ai envie de vomir hahaha… Mais merci à tous et toutes pour vos messages/soutien tout le long de la journée. Vous m’avez bien aider à tenir. J’ai bossé mon mental aujourdhui. Je ne me pensais plus capable de courir 42bornes mais #marathonman est toujours présent ⚡🤜🤛 LA BISE #marathonman #runhappy #runhappyteam #runtoexplore #runtoinspire #runstoppable #motivationoftheday #nopainnogain #runningmotivation #runnerlife #igrunners #runnersofinstagram #picoftheday #marathonfinisher #fuckcovid19 #npng #trainhard #workhard #athlete #motivation #brooksrunhappyteam

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Nochomovitz, who is currently furloughed from his restaurant job until further notice, not only needed a new workout routine, but something to pass the time as well. He shared a video of himself running and down the balcony, completing about 6,000 laps in total. And honestly? It’s pretty amazing.

Nochomovitz, who lives in France, is currently on a 15-day lockdown, with the threat of it being extended. Instead of mulling over the negatives of that situation, he’s already thinking about the next creative fitness challenge he’s going to try out.

“How about another marathon to improve my record. Or a 12-hour home trainer session, on my balcony,” he said.

If that’s not motivating for you to get your workout on at home, we don’t know what is!

Check out the video of Nochomovitz running a marathon on his balcony in the middle of quarantine in the awesome video below.


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“LES DEMI-FONDEURS, PRENEZ EXEMPLE, ÇA FORGE LE MENTAL” ! ✌ ——————– Après le défi fou de @nassim.yns qui consistait à courir un 5km autour d’une table, c’est un défi complément INIMAGINABLE qui a fait son apparition… 🙈 Elisha Nochomovitz, résidant à Balma et en plein confinement, a eu l’incroyable idée de courir un marathon (42km195)… sur le balcon, long de 7 mètres, de son appartement ! 😱 UN DÉFI RELEVÉ EN 6H48 ! 😍 ——————– MERCI ELISHA ! ❤ @elisha_nochomovitz ——————– #athletisme #trackandfield #running #run #polevault #highjump #runner #runners #longjump #triplejump #hurdles #sprint #instarunner #instarunners #diamondleague #nikerunning #triathlete #nikeplus #trailrunning #instarun #swimbikerun #runhappy #tracknation #strava #stravarun #footing #courir #runstoppable #happyrunningcrew #runaddict

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How are you working o your fitness while practicing social distancing? Do you have any advice for someone who’s not used to having to exercise in their home?