Man Ignored Mom All Her Life, Then Can’t Believe His Eyes When He Looks Into Her Casket

There’s a saying that goes something like you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. While it might be easy to make excuses about why there’s no truth to that, it is true sometimes.

There’s another saying where the grass is always greener on the other side. That basically means that it can be easy to assume someone else has it better than you do, but that may not be the case. Wishing for things like money, a significant other, a different job, certain possessions – those things don’t necessarily mean that life is better. What’s important is to appreciate what we have while we still have it. If we don’t, if those truly meaningful things get taken away from us, then we might finally realize how good we had it.

A man named Marc was speaking at a school full of students. He had the stage all to himself. He spoke about things like drugs and alcohol, and how those things didn’t give him the life he thought they would; however, he also spoke about something else – his mother.

Marc explained that his mother always believed in him and wanted the best for him. At times, this embarrassed him when he was a teenager. At other times, he was rude to her and would ignore her, but she still cared about him and wanted the best for him.

One day, when Marc was oversees, he got a call explaining that his mother had died. In that moment, he finally understood how important his mother was in his life and that he owed so much to her. He finally understood how much he loved her and how much she loved him. Unfortunately, he thought it was too late to tell her that.

Marc went to his mother’s funeral, and he eventually got up the courage to walk up to her casket. When he looked inside, he saw his mother like he had never seen her before. Watch the video below to hear Marc’s moving story and to find out what happened when he walked up to his mother’s casket and looked inside.

Did this video make you want to tell your mother or father how much you love them?