Man Buys An Entire Mall, But Not Everyone Happy With What He’s Putting Inside

Fox News, The Dallas Morning News, Google Maps

When you visit a mall, you probably go there to go shopping, or perhaps you’re going to eat at one of the restaurants, maybe even see a movie if there’s a movie theater at the mall. You probably expect to see lots of stores, lots of people and lots of advertisements for things the businesses at the mall are selling. You probably don’t expect to see a marble statue of the 10 commandments.

If you’re at all familiar with the old testament of the Bible, you might be familiar with the 10 commandments. The commandments include things like don’t steal and don’t commit adultery.

John Bushman is a businessman in the state of Texas. He owns multiple businesses including hotels, restaurants and malls. At every single one of his businesses, he installs a statue of the 10 commandments. Most recently, he installed an 8-foot tall statue of the 10 commandments at a mall in Lewisville, Texas, called Music City Mall. 

Fox News interviewed Bushman about his plan to install a statue of the 10 commandments in the mall, and they asked why he plans to install the statue and what kind of feedback he gets about installing statues of the 10 commandments in his businesses. Watch the video below to find out the answers to these questions.

Since the interview with Fox News, the 10 commandments statue has been installed in the Music City Mall. Watch the video below to see this 8-foot tall statue for yourself and to learn more about why it is in the mall.

Many people who have heard about Bushman’s plan to put the 10 commandments on display in a mall have had positive feedback. One comment reads, “Every society has to have a foundational Code to live by. I cannot think of a better one.”

Another person wrote, “Even if you don’t agree with the statue or aren’t religious yourself, he still has every right to exercise his freedom of speech like everyone else.”

Not everyone is happy about the statue though. One person wrote, “They should put up a ‘phee phi pho phum’ plaque as well. Or any other piece from another fictional made up story.”

Another person quipped, “I guess the mall will be closed on Sundays in keeping with the 4th commandment.”

Another comment reads, “That’s not spreading hope and love, they could go out to the homeless and do that, being confronted by something like this is akin to,… ‘this is how we expect you to behave,’ If America became largely religious again, this would be like going back in time as apposed to evolving.”

Would you be offended if you saw the 10 commandments on display in a mall, hotel or restaurant, or do you agree with Bushman that the 10 commandments helps create a family-friendly atmosphere?