Non-Binary Male Who Relates To Girls Rejected By All 20 University Of Alabama Sororities He Rushed

@grantelisikes via TikTok

In college, some students chose to join a sorority or a fraternity. In general, a sorority is a sisterhood and is made up of female students. Meanwhile, a fraternity is a brotherhood and is made up of male students. These groups can be quite close knit, result in life-long friendships and really add to a student’s college experience.

Sororities and fraternities are not appealing to everyone, and they aren’t a good fit for everyone. Each one is slightly different, and in order for new students to be accepted in the group, the students have to “rush” which is basically the application process for these groups.

A female college student who rushes might choose to rush just one sorority or every single one. It’s up to them. Whether or not the student gets into the sorority is up to the current members of the sorority.

Many media outlets have written about and talked about a transgender woman who rushed every sorority at her school and was rejected by every sorority. The student in question is named Grant Sikes, and it turns out that the media got it wrong. He is not a transgender woman. He identifies as male.

On TikTok, Sikes explained that he was born male, and he still identifies as male and non-binary. First and foremost, he wants to make it clear that he is not transgender. He does not identify as female.

After correcting the media’s unfortunate mislabeling of him, he went on to explain why he chose to rush sororities instead of fraternities. Many people have wondered why he chose to rush every single sorority at the University of Alabama. After all, sororities are for girls, and if he’s male, shouldn’t he have been rushing a fraternity instead?

Sikes explained, “I do not fit in with a fraternity.” He added, “That’s not my scene. It’s not relatable.” Even though he identifies as male, he said, “I relate to girls.” He explained, “I am so much more social” around girls.

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The part of the story that the media got right is that Sikes was in fact rejected by ever sorority on campus. He wrote on Instagram, “Unfortunately, this chapter is closed. This recruitment journey is over for me.”