Makeup Artist’s 17 Before-And-After Pics Of Brides’ Transformations On Their Big Days

Makeup can do amazing things. It can make people look completely different. It can cover imperfections. It can hide blemishes. It can make people look like other people.

One day that most women want to be sure to look their best is their wedding day. Brides usually want their wedding day to be perfect. Sometimes striving too hard for perfection causes them to act like bridezillas, but it’s not unreasonable for a bride to want her makeup to be spot on when she walks down the aisle.

One makeup artist is sharing pretty impressive before and after transformations of brides. Honestly, in some cases we’re wondering if the groom even recognizes the woman standing next to him at the alter.

Scroll down to see some of these incredible before and after bride photos for yourself.