Make Your Own Face, Hair & Body Lotion

It’s pretty simple so you may want to kick yourself for not coming up with it…

Anyway, all beauty products have the same basic and natural ingredients: Olive Oil, Joba Oil, Coconut Oil, Honey, Sunflower oil…. (you can get all of this at a wholefoods store (in bulk) and pretty darn cheap compared with beauty products today. You make a little at a time to keep it fresh and you always have what you need on hand or you can spend $8 for hand lotion and $35 for moisturizer for your face and $20 for your hair glossing (and that’s per month, usually).

The coconut oil is about $8 and you can eat it, cook with it, and rub it all over …same with the olive oil, and honey. Just puruse the internet for other ideas and you will see why this works.

Ok, here’s the easy part:

Take a bit of each, mix well, put it in a recycled container (the honey could be warmed to mix…or add other ingredients of choice like essential oils for smell (personally, I love the smell the way it is)

THEN: put on your hair for shine and conditioning, put on your face for nutrition and smoothing of wrinkles, and rub as an all-over body lotion. I keep mine in the frig so it solidifies