Make Homemade Soap & Save

I made my own hand and bath soap from scratch and I got 40 bars for about $10.00. I made mine without any fancy stuff and It’s great. ALL soap, no matter what kind, is made with fat and lye. The lye completely disappears with the fat turning into soap. One thing you’ll have to have is a scale to weigh your ingredients. The new way to make soap is to weigh all the ingredients. The new or revised recipes makes soap where the lye completely goes out of it, making a nice mild soap. Our Great Grandmothers didn’t have any choices and the soap they made usually was smelly and harsh. Not so these days. They’re endless recipes on the net and I found one I think I’ll stick with that is SIMPLE!!!Do your research and give it a try. It’s not hard. Very cost effective. Something handmade is a nice gift.

Homepage photo credit: madaise