Fans Concerned About Madonna’s Disturbing New Video

Madonna. She’s one of the few celebrities out there who only needs one name. You know who we’re talking about. You might be thinking of her music, her music videos, her fashion, or perhaps her recent Instagram posts.

Madonna has over 18 million followers. Many people watch what she says and does. Many people have been her loyal fans for decades. Now, some of her fans are calling for her to stop whatever it is she’s doing.

Three days ago, Madonna posted a short video on Instagram where she dressed in black, her hair in long braids. In the video, we don’t hear her voice. Instead, she’s lip-syncing along to rapper Baby Keem’s song “Vent.” You can watch it below, but if you have the sound on, be warned, the lyrics are explicit and most likely inappropriate at school, work, or around children.


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To many, this video is just another video in a growing list of concerning and confusing social media posts from Madonna. Fans are turning to the comments section to express their concern and ask for the “real” Madonna to come back.

One comment from a long-time fan compared Madonna from the ’90s to Madonna in this video. The fan wrote, “I’ve been looking at the Erotica interviews as well as the late 90s / early 00s era interviews on YouTube. Both those eras saw Madonna speak with so much charisma, power, knowledge, and spirituality. I’ve learnt so much from Madonna – the Artist provocateur from the early 90s whose Erotica album was lyrically, culturally and sonically ahead of the time. My fav. And I’ve learnt so much from Madonna – the late 90s Kabbalist, yogi and philosopher whose spiritual awakening has inspired me to think of my own spirituality. But now… This? It teaches nothing. It makes statements about nothing. What happened to the enlightened, uber intelligent and truly witty and funny Madonna from 20, 30 years ago?! Who is this content for? What purpose does it serve? Oh how I miss MY Madonna!!!”

Another concerned follower shared, “You where my idol growing up. I used to love your music & creativity, please stop with these weird reels! it’s getting dark & concerning now.”

Meanwhile, a fan wrote, “Who are you?? And what have you done with the real old icon Madonna ?? Not even my son acts like this and he’s 24!! Major cringe.”

While some comments criticized the haters for criticizing Madonna, some people begged Madonna to try to use her power for good. One comment reads, “As a fan who genuinely loves you, I want to make a criticism. I understand your rebellious nature and more people write these negative comments, more you want to do these videos. But imagine if you used that rebelliousness in a more productive way like making controversial music to bring awareness to human rights issues. Your VICE interview is simply amazing. You look very intelligent talking about the stuff going on in the world. I feel like these videos are overshadowing your REAL controversial career. Please take into consideration.”