Lisa Marie Presley’s One Request For Her Memorial Service

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On Sunday January 22, 2023, Lisa Marie Presley was laid to rest at Graceland. The memorial service came just two weeks after Lisa Marie had visited Graceland in honor of her late father’s birthday. Elvis Presley would have been 88 years old.

Before the memorial service, the president of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Joel Weinshanker, spoke to ET’s Kevin Frazier about his memories of Lisa Marie and about what will happen to Graceland now that she is gone.

Weinshanker explained that Graceland will be inherited by Lisa Marie’s children. Her son, Benjamin Keough, died in 2020, so it will go to her three daughters, Riley Keough, Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, and Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood. Since Finley and Harper are still minors, for the time being, “It will be Riley’s home, without question.”

Weinshanker also explained how surreal is was to be there for Lisa Marie’s memorial service when “I mean, I was here, 50 feet away with Lisa two weeks ago.” He explained, “It’s still — to an extent — not real.” He explained that after the ceremony in honor of Elvis’ birthday, Lisa Marie “stood for hours after the ceremony signing autographs, taking photos. She wouldn’t leave until the last person was satisfied. She had an amazing time.”

Even though Lisa Marie’s death doesn’t yet feel “real” to Weinshanker, he still reflected on the wishes she had previously shared for her memorial service. He knew, “There was no question she wanted to be buried at Graceland since her son passed away. There was no question she wanted to be buried next to her son.” That wish was carried out.

Besides exactly where she wanted to be buried, Lisa Marie had one specific request regarding the memorial service itself. Weinshanker said, “The one thing she said was, ‘Don’t make it sad.’ She wants it to be a celebration.” He explained that the memorial service is “about celebrating her life. This whole Graceland is about celebrating Elvis’ life, and we’re gonna do the same for Lisa.”

Weinshanker remembers Lisa Marie as “kind, earnest, and just the realest person you would ever meet.” He called her “real,” “brilliant,” and “an amazing performer.”

Weinshanker was one of several people close to Lisa Marie who spoke during the memorial service. At the service, he shared, “Lisa’s voice will only be amplified with time and never be silenced or diminished. She was and will always be her father’s protector, and we will continue to be hers.”