Legendary Singer Best Known For Her Hit Song “Mr Big Stuff” Dies At 80

Jean Knight - Mr Big Stuff

Legendary singer Jean Knight is best known for her hit song “Mr Big Stuff.” In fact, as we write this, we have the lyric “Who do you think you are?” playing in our head immediately after writing the song’s title.

While Knight’s music made her famous, she was passionate about more than just music. She was also passionate about her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, where she served on the Louisana Music Commission and cooked Creole food for her family.

Now, Knight’s fans and family are mourning the sad news of Knight’s death. She was 80 years old.

In a statement written by Knight’s family and shared on X (formerly Twitter), we learn that Knight died on November 22, 2023, just one day before Thanksgiving. The statement did not share a cause of death. TMZ spoke to Knight’s publicist who says the cause of death was “natural causes.”

Knight’s family shared that she started her “musical journey” with JetStream Records and the song “Doggin’ Me Around,” but it was the song “Mr. Big Stuff,” which she recorded with Stax Records, that was the highlight of her career.

Her family praised Knight for her stage presence, calling her concerts “not just performances but celebrations of the enduring bond she shared with those who appreciated her music.” They added, “Ms Knight made every fan a cherished part of her extended musical family.”

Eventually, Knight went on to start her own label called Comstar.  They explained that having her label “led to greater creative freedom while staying true to the musical traditions that shaped her.”

Her family ended the statement by requesting “privacy” and thanking fans for their “love and support.”

Watch the video below to relive Knight’s most famous song, “Mr. Big Stuff.”