Why You Should Start Sleeping on Your Left Side Tonight!

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Affording yourself this evening ritual not only helps you keep a strong immune system, but it also helps you look your best. Hey, they don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing! Though you may do your best to strive for your eight hours, there are other factors that can affect your overall wellness. For instance, have you ever paid close attention to your sleeping positions? After hearing how making the simple change to sleeping on your left side can completely change the way you feel, you may just start!

I know what you’re thinking—you are probably scoffing at the fact that I referred to altering your sleep position as a “simple change.” Prior to learning the facts, I thought the notion was ridiculous, too! I used to try to train myself by falling asleep on my left side, but I’d always wake up on my right!

Fortunately, we have a great technique that will help you get your body used to this new position.

Simply enlist the aid of a full body pillow (the firmer the better!) and align it so that it is parallel to your back. The pillow will act as a barrier and should prevent you from changing positions. There are even special pillows on the market that have built in features that promote side sleeping.

Now that you know how to get started, let’s go over some of the awesome benefits of left-side sleeping!

Dr. John Douillard is an outspoken proponent of this sleeping position. He writes:

…the left side of the body is completely different than the right side, and, while I know it sounds strange, emphasizing the left side for rest and sleep offers some time tested wisdom for very real health and longevity benefits.

When you start sleeping your left side, you will be:

  1. Bettering Your Heart Function

    Because you’re leaning to your left, in this position, your heart does not have to work as hard. The flowing blood essentially goes “downhill” and through the aorta, into the stomach.

  2. Improving Your Digestion

    When you are sleeping on your left side, you are in the prime position for healthy digestion. It allows gravity to have more influence over the food waste as it pushes through your large intestine.

  3. Stopping Snoring

    According to The Rest Doctor, snoring is not just annoying for your partner, it can be dangerous for you. This doctor suggests sleeping exclusively on the left side to curb any snoring or apnea.

  4. Facilitating Lymphatic Drainage

    Did you know that the left side of the body is the dominant lymphatic side? Due to this, it is thought that sleeping on the left side can promote lymphatic drainage in the body. Though Dr. Douillard says that there is no science to back up this particular theory, he sees the logic in the idea.

  5. Enhancing Your Health During Pregnancy

    If you’re pregnant, you need to consider sleeping in this position! WebMD says, “Sleeping on the left side is also recommended during pregnancy to improve circulation to the heart—good for Mom and baby.”

    Have you trained yourself to be a left-side sleeper? If so, have you noticed any of these health benefits? Tell us all about your experiences in the comments section below.