LeAnn Rimes Asks For Prayers After Her Husband’s “Traumatic” Day

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When you’re religious and you’re going through a difficult situation, such as a medical emergency, it’s only natural to ask for prayer. That’s exactly what country singer LeAnn Rimes did after spending the entire day at the emergency room.

On October 16th, Rimes turned to her Instagram stories to share some news about her husband of 11 years, Eddie Cibrian. She didn’t give details about the situation, but she did state that she and Cibrian “spent all day in the ER.” She requested prayers writing, “Send a prayer up for this wonderful man. He hurt himself today.”

Rimes did not go into any details about how he turn himself or how severely he hurt himself. Instead, she shared a picture of herself and Cibrian. He had his arm around her while she sat on a log near a fire pit. They both smiled at the camera.

The only additional information that Rimes shared was that “today was traumatic, but healing is happening now.” The promise of healing and recovery is positive, but the word “traumatic” left fans concerned.

Rimes has not updated fans and followers about the “traumatic” day or the injury, but fans are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. Both Rimes and Cibrian have posted on social media since this unsettling Instagram story, and while these posts have not discussed Cibrian’s health, at least some fans consider it a positive thing that Rimes and Cibrian are going about their lives and not still in the hospital.

For Rimes’ part, she posted a video of herself and Cibrian at a Night of the Jacks Halloween event. It didn’t appear that anything was obviously wrong with Cibrian health wise in the video.


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The video left fans unsure what to think about Cibrian’s health considering Rimes had not posted an update after the prayer request.

One follower wrote, “I guess Eddie is better congratulations.”

Another comment reads, “Big prayers for your hubby to have a speedy recovery…”

Yet another person commented, “Wrapping you both up in prayers. Eddie you will come through. LeeAnn I got you xoxoxoxo positive thoughts.”

Meanwhile, Cibrian has only posted once since Rimes prayer request. His post was of his son, Mason. He was promoting his son’s modeling career.


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Do you think Rimes or Cibrian will ever give an update about Cibrian’s recovery or what exactly happened on that “traumatic” day?