Woman Loses 150 Pounds on a ‘Lazy’ Version of the Keto Diet

Unsure about all the popular dietary choices out here for weight loss? One that you may have been hearing more about lately is the Keto diet, which is seeing a surge much like paleo and Atkins.

Instagram has become a source of Keto weight loss chronicles, and Kimberly Powell – who goes by the handle loving_lessofme_more – shared how she used Keto on her own terms to lose weight. After struggling with weight loss off and on for years, she learned about Keto in 2016.

At that point, she had given birth to twins and weighed over 300 pounds. The concept of lowering the amount of carbs she ate while increasing fatty food consumption seemed to work. She was skeptical at first but found that she had more energy.

Powell admits that she began her Keto diet the “dirty” way, which means she ate a lot of fast food (e.g. bun-free burgers) a few times a day. With less carbs and more protein to fuel her system, her body started entering the ketosis state and it spurred her to cook at home, which is something she wasn’t doing.

The Keto diet has been around for a while but has recently become trendy. First conceived by Dr. Russell Wilder in 1923, the Ketogenic diet was meant to elevate the number of ketones in the blood, leading to therapeutic benefits for those with certain diseases.

It causes the body to tap into its fat stores for energy instead of calories, changing the metabolic process and helping to achieve ketosis. Medical gains have been seen for those with epilepsy, and when used with a full Ketogenic protocol, the diet has also helped people with cancer and Alzheimer’s.

According to the Charlie Foundation, there are five variations of the Keto diet, but they all are high fat, mid-level protein, and low, low carb. Powell lost 30 pounds her first year but fell off course for a little while. When she recommitted to the diet, she decided to alter it and do a “lazy” version.

She stopped tracking her food habits and ditched calorie-counting. Occasionally, she ate things like pork rinds and fast food. Her diet is mostly Keto-friendly and with more energy, four days a week she works out at home or goes for hikes.


Powell shared that a typical menu for her may include an omelet for breakfast, a bean-free taco salad with guacamole, Keto meatloaf, and boiled eggs or peanut butter cookies for snacks. She’s lost more than 170 pounds and continues to experiment with which foods are right for her plan.

For those already on a Keto diet or are interested in one, more and more food products are becoming available to help people maintain it. There are snacks, shakes, wraps, cheese, and other products that are made for the Keto crowd.

Though the diet has its detractors, Powell and others are getting big results in terms of weight loss and energy levels. For this woman, starting out on a “lazy” Keto diet helped to ease her into the change.

What are your thoughts on Keto diets? Are you on one? Do you know anyone who’s had great results from a Keto regimen?


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