Laura Dern Shares Her Everyday Self-Care Beauty Routine

We’ve seen several celebrities give us an up-close-and-personal look at parts of their beauty routines. Reese Witherspoon and Alicia Keys both let us into their bathrooms and showed us their surprisingly simple nighttime beauty routines. They use different products, but in both cases, the routine would be easy enough to duplicate at home.

Now, Laura Dern has revealed her daytime beauty routine. The Oscar-nominated actress shares that she likes to use “brands that care about our health and wellbeing and also our beauty.” Sounds like a good idea to us.

Dern bases a lot of her beauty tips off of things she saw her grandmother do. For example, her grandmother didn’t wear a lot of makeup. She would use natural products like oils and then apply lipstick. That’s it. Sometimes mascara. Dern doesn’t do much more than her grandmother, but she does add a few steps.

First, Dern starts by applying a face mask. After a few minutes, she washes it off and sprays her face with a face mist.

Dern doesn’t use foundation. Instead she uses a face oil that she discovered on set. Her makeup artist used it on her face, and it’s been her foundation substitute ever since. All she does is put a few drops of face oil in her hands, rub them together, and then gently press her hands on her face.

When Dern is working, she adds one more step, moisturizer. She repeats the same process as with the face oil, rubbing it in her hands and then gently pressing her hands on her face. She says that the moisturizer helps makeup last longer.

Then Dern moves on to actual makeup. She starts with concealer, which she mainly applies ot the eye area. Then she curls her eyelashes and applies mascara. She vears from her grandmother’s influence by also applying blush. She prefers a cream blush that she applies with her fingers.

Finally, Dern focuses on her lips. Instead of lipstick, Dern coats her lips with lip liner and tops them with lip gloss.

That’s it. Her beauty routine is complete.

Watch Laura Dern’s complete beauty routine in the video below to see which products she recommends.

We love how uncomplicated Dern’s beauty routine is. She doesn’t even make doing her hair complicated. Sometimes less is truly more.

Did you learn any new tips from this video? Are you surprised that Dern doesn’t wear foundation? What’s your beauty routine like?