13 Women Share Their Responses to People Who’ve Laughed Off Offensive Comments As “Just a Joke!”

Jokes are supposed to be funny. When the only person who is laughing is the person telling the joke, it’s not funny, and often, it’s not really meant to be a joke no matter what they claim.

Sometimes people don’t think before they speak, and when they realize they’ve said something offensive, they try to laugh it off by claiming it was a joke and supposed to be funny. Don’t fall for it.

A Twitter user named Heather tweeted about an experience she had at a radio station when she was 19-years-old. Her boss at the time was probably about 45, and he made a very inappropriate comment. He probably wasn’t expecting her response.

Heather shared that her dad had prepared her for situations like this in advance. That’s one smart dad!

After Heather shared her experience, many other Twitter users came forward to share similar stories about how it’s best not to just laugh off an offensive comment that’s not really a joke.