All the Reasons Your Body Will Thank You for Laughing Today

When was the last time you laughed? Oh, this morning, we see? Ah, yes, when your boss gave you a back-handed compliment about how your performance is amazing, BUT that it would be even more perfect— if only you took your productivity from “student driver” to “Dale Earnhardt Jr.?”

Yep, you chuckled at that, even though you were most definitely dying on the inside.

Don’t feel too bad; everyone does it, and the further and further you dip your toe into the worst parts of “adulting,” the more often you’re made to chuckle at all things cringeworthy.

Now that we’ve eliminated at least one laughing experience from your day, we’re going to ask you the question again: when was the last time you laughed? We’re talking, “full of love, not a care in the world, tears coming out of your eyes” laugh.

Our hope is that you get to savor this experience every day, even multiple TIMES a day, but chances are, you just don’t.

But just because the weight of life is bringing down your mood in a way that laughing might not feel like a genuine reaction, you must find the strength to alter your mindset so that it becomes a daily habit. Laughing more won’t just make you seem more fun-loving and approachable, your body will also perform better, too.

We’re not kidding. Believe it or not, laughing frequently has been proven to improve your health!

According to information compiled by the Mayo Clinic, major stress relief is one of the biggest ways laughter can contribute to living a healthy lifestyle. You see, when someone laughs, the reaction affects a number of different systems and even releases chemicals that make us feel better.

As a matter of fact, there is a laundry list of short-term and long-term benefits that can be felt when laughter is practiced. Here are the most surprising ones:

Short-term benefits of laughter

It stimulates the organs by delivering plenty of oxygen to the heart, lungs, and muscles. This process helps create more endorphins in the brain, which make you feel better and have more energy. Additionally, it relieves stress responses and soothes tension by bringing the body through a cycle that speeds and slows down the heart rate. It also stimulates circulation, which can reduce the physical symptoms of stress.

Long-term benefits of laughter

Because the act of laughing brings about a physiological response which decreases stress, your immune system will actually get stronger. Laughter has also been found to relieve pain, increase personal satisfaction, and improve mood!

Now that you’ve learned about some of the most amazing benefits that come with regular laughter, it’s time that you get even better insight on the phenomenon— particularly how it can help you lose weight!

To see lots of laughter in action and get a better idea of what it can do for your health, be sure to watch the video below. Remember, an apple — and a laugh! — a day keeps the doctor away!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the health benefits of laughing. Were you surprised by any of these revelations? How often do you laugh? Has a recent change in mindset yielded health benefits for you?