Lady Gaga Reveals Her New Musical Role On Instagram

Carlos M. Vazquez II

Many have speculated about what Lady Gaga‘s next project would be. She won an Oscar for her song “Shallow” for the film “A Star Is Born.” She acted in “A Star Is Born” as well, and returned to the silver screen in “House of Gucci.” What acting project would Gaga take on next?

Rumor had it that the triple treat was working on a musical, but she didn’t reveal any details. Now, we have official news about her next big project, and it is in fact a musical.

On her Instagram page, Gaga confirmed the character she is going to be portraying, the name of the movie and the movie’s release date. She will be acting in the “Joker” sequel which is titled “Joker: Folie à Deux.” Yes, it’s a musical. Gaga will portray the Joker’s love interest, Harley Quinn.


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Folie à deux” is a medical term. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it refers to “the presence of the same or similar delusional ideas in two persons closely associated with one another.” In this case, the two delusional people would be Joker and Quinn.

When “Joker” was originally released in 2019, there were no thoughts of making it into a sequel. However, the movie was such a big hit at the box office (earning $335.4 million domestic and $1.074 billion worldwide when it was made for only $55 million) that lead director Todd Phillips said he would consider a sequel if actor Joaquin Phoenix were interested in reprising the role of the title character.

Watch the video below for more details about this exciting news from Gaga.

As mentioned in the video above, actress Margot Robbie played Harley Quinn in “The Suicide Squad” and “Birds of Prey”; however, Robbie’s version of Quinn apparently exists in a different DC universe than Gaga’s version of Quinn. 

James Gunn was the writer and director of “The Suicide Squad.” He recently hosted a Q&A on Instagram, and he shared his thoughts about Gaga’s casting as Quinn in the “Joker” sequel. He explained, “I’m really interested to see what Todd Phillips cooks up. I met Lady Gaga once & she was really nice, so I’m always rooting for nice people to do well.”