LaCroix Faces Lawsuit After Allegations That Their Sparkling Water is ‘Not All Natural’

la croix via Flickr

Bad news for all of you fizzy water drinkers of the world: the preeminent seltzer-maker LaCroix is facing a lawsuit claiming that the drink is not as “natural” as it claims to be. In fact, one of its ingredients is apparently one that’s used in some cockroach insecticides.

The drink doesn’t sound all that refreshing now, does it?

The news comes after the law firm Beaumont Costales filed a lawsuit on behalf of its client, a woman by the name of Lenora Rice. Through specialized testing, Rice found that the drink was not as “all-natural” as it claims to be; it allegedly contains a handful of synthetic ingredients, including the aforementioned roach killer, linalool.

Here’s what the law firm had to say about their client’s bad feelings after learning that she was actually sucking down artificial ingredients in her beverage, not just all-natural ones:

The plaintiff Rice, desiring a healthy, natural beverage, was led to purchase LaCroix sparkling water because of the claims made on its packaging, advertising and web site to be “innocent,” “naturally essenced,” “all natural,” and “always 100% natural.”

It’s true–LaCroix is a company that sure seems to pride itself on supplying an all-natural, healthy alternative to water that still has a hint of taste and texture to it. But, now that we know that there are synthetic properties in the mix, we definitely feel differently!

Of course, the beverage-maker is standing by it’s “all-natural” claims and says that all of the “essences contained in LaCroix are certified by [their] suppliers to be 100% natural.”

Very interesting. We’d like to believe LaCroix, but something seems awfully fishy about this whole scenario!

What are your thoughts on this LaCroix revelation? Are you a fan of LaCroix? Would you still drink it if it contained artificial ingredients? Are there any all-natural alternatives to the drink that you enjoy?