Kris Jenner Health Update “They Found A Tumor”

Momager Kris Jenner reveals some scary health news to her family. 

The scary news is a preview of what is coming up next week on “The Kardashians” episode. The preview features the 68-year-old Mom emotionally breaking down, while talking about a recent Doctor’s visit, where a health issue was found. This is happening while she is having dinner with her daughters Kim, Khloe, and Kendall. Her boyfriend Corey Gamble is also dining with the ladies.

“I wanted to tell you guys something… I had my scan,” she said before breaking down in tears. “And this just makes me really emotional but they found something.” 

 “They found a cyst and a little tumor,” Jenner said.

Other Kardashian’s have also had health challenges to overcome. Back in 2022, Khloe had a brush with skin cancer and had a melanoma spot surgically removed from her face. Also, Kris’s mother, Mary Jo Campbell, survived both breast cancer and colon cancer. 

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