Dating Coach Reveals The Kind Of Men All Women Must Date

Dating. Falling in love. Getting married. These are things that many people want yet many people struggle to find. Australian Jake Maddock used to be one of those people. Then, after a car crash nearly took his life, he decided to change things and crack the code to dating, love and marriage. He decided to go from being clueless to being an expert.

Maddock claims that he knows how to create a 10 out of 10 relationship. He has spent time studying from others, from books, and looking at what works when it comes to celebrity relationships. Many of the things he claims are essential seem pretty controversial, but that isn’t stopping him from sharing what he believes to be the best dating advice.

First of all, Maddock believes that women should date men who are older than them and never men who are younger than them. He claims this is true because men mature slower than women. He shared, “An older man is likely to be less commitment phobic and more decisive about where he wants to take the relationship. He will also have a more mature viewpoint when it comes to solving problems and relationship issues.”

How much older should the man be than the woman? Maddock believes 5 to 10 years is ideal, but more than that is okay too, and he points to Hollywood couples as proof. He told his followers, “Jerry Seinfeld married Jessica Sklar in 1999, when he was 45 and she was 28. They are still together. Alec Baldwin began dating Hilaria Thomas in 2011, when he was 53 and she was 27. They are still together. Harrison Ford began dating Calista Flockhart in 2002, when he was 60 and she was 38. They are still together.”

Maddock also has rules about the actual date. He says women should never plan the date and men should do all of the planning and also pay for everything. He says that all women should have to do is “sit back and have fun.” He also believes that women shouldn’t ask men out but that proposing a date is the men’s responsibility.

As the relationship progresses, Maddock also has rules about a couple moving in together. He thinks it’s okay for a woman to move in with a man or for a couple to get their own place, but he doesn’t think a man should ever move into the woman’s place.

When it comes to men looking for a woman to date, Maddock has specific ideas about what makes a woman “a high value woman.” Hear his thoughts in the video below.


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This video left some women asking for Maddock to define a high value man.

What do you think of Maddock’s views of dating and relationships? Do you agree with him?