Kim Kardashian Posts Pics With A New Side Part. Is She Making It Cool Again?

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Who decides what hairstyle is hot and what’s not? Gen Z? Celebrities? Hairstylists?

In 2020, Gen Z TikTokers decided that the side part was not stylish and was instead an old Millennial look, just like skinny jeans.

Perhaps you don’t follow fashion trends and you’re currently rocking a side part. Good for you, because it seems that the look might be making a come back.

Back in 2021, hairstylist to the stars, Chris Appleton, posed a question on Instagram. He posted 2 pictures of Kim Kardashian, one in which she wore her hair with a side part and one where her hair was styled with a middle part. Appleton wrote, “Guys I need your help settle this debate! TikTok is shaming the side part, saying it’s just old, so what gets your vote middle or side?!?”

Many of the people who commented on the photo wrote that the side part was their favorite look calling it “sexy and glamorous.”


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Those of us who love side parts lost that battle, and the middle part has been the stylish hair style for awhile now. Kardashian and pretty much every other celebrity has been styling their hair by parting it down the middle.

That might be about to change. Appleton shared pictures of Kardashian’s latest style on social media and wrote, “Ladies it’s officially back—side and part swag.”

Kardashian shared pictures of the style as well, writing, “time will always tell.”


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Kardashian’s friends, family and followers are all raving about her bold new side part. For example, her sister, Khloe Kardashian, wrote, “Kimberly you look amazing!!!!”

Honestly, we are too. Who cares what some TikTok Gen Zers think. The side part is clearly the superior part.

Since Appleton also styles Jennifer Lopez’s hair, it’s fairly safe to assume that she’ll be going out in public with a side part in the near future as well.

Which style do you think looks better, a side part or a middle part? Do you think Kardashian parting her hair on the side means a true return of the side part? Are you going to start parting your hair on the side again? Did you ever stop parting your hair on the side?