Kendall Jenner Faces Backlash for Throwing Birthday Party With Few Masks and No Social Distancing

At this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, we know the basics: Wear a mask and social distance from each other. We all know that it stinks, but in order for ourselves and our loved ones to stay healthy, everyone needs to do their part to adhere to the rules—yes, even on holidays and birthdays.

Plenty of people have found creative ways to celebrate special occasions. Take this dad, for example, who built a real stage in his driveway so that his daughter could have a proper graduation, or these parents who turned their garage into “Club Quarantine” to celebrate their son’s 21st birthday.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes the health crisis seriously, including celebrities. Just take Kendall Jenner, who celebrated her 25th birthday on Halloween, October 31.

For someone like Jenner, whose milestone birthday falls around a holiday, it might be hard to keep a party low key. And while Jenner tried to keep the celebration under wraps, it didn’t go as planned—and now she’s getting flack after a picture was posted of her completely not adhering to any safety practices at all.

First off, apparently, there was a “no social media” rule at this party—which got completely throw under the bus when Kendall’s sister Kylie completely went against that and posted a whole slew of Instagram stories during the party.

One of the photos showed Kendall blowing out her birthday candles within mere centimeters of a man holding the cake, wearing a mask. This, of course, completely defeats the purpose of him even wearing a mask in the first place, which is to protect others from the virus.

In addition, none of the celebrities in attendance, which includes Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Doja Cat and The Weeknd, were wearing masks or social distancing.

Fans (or, perhaps, ex-fans) had a LOT to say about the photo, including that it was the scariest thing they’ve seen all Halloween, and how celebrities can actually afford to stay home, but were out for an unessential reason.

Sigh. What do you think about Kendall blowing out her candles and the irony of the man in a mask right next to her?