Ken Jennings Curses After Latest Jeopardy Screw-Up

Alex Trebek, the former host of Jeopardy, was a legend. He was known for reading all the clues on the gameshow with a sense of poise that no one else could compete with. However, when he passed away two years ago from pancreatic cancer, a new host had to be found.
Now, after the show went through its rounds of celebrity guests, the show is hosted by former longtime Jeopardy champion, Ken Jennings. And honestly, Jennings has done an amazing job hosting the show so far.

He has some very big shoes to fill, which isn’t always easy. In fact, only recently did he make his very first major screw-up. Jennings was reading a clue when he accidently gave away the answer.

“Forty, 23, 38 and 74, which is larger than all of them … ” Jennings says, trailing off before realizing the mistake.

“You gave it away,” says a voice off screen.

Jennings can’t believe what he’s done. The moment he realizes, he christens the moment with by cursing.

“Oh, s–t!” he says and scrunches up his face as if he’s made a total fool of himself. He was obviously in shock and couldn’t help but curse.

Luckily, the audience did have quite the sense of humor and laughed with him after he said it. Plus, it got 45,000 likes on Twitter. Maybe it was just nice to see him as a human with a sense of humor!

“This made my night. Waaaaay better than anything else on,” someone said.

“He just had to honor Alex Trebek in the best way possible,” another joked.

“The BEST ever! I loved this episode,” another person said.

Check out the video below to watch the screw-up over and over—and try not to laugh.

Did you watch Jennings curse on the episode when it aired, or is this your first time seeing it? What do you think of this moment?