Kelly Osbourne’s Brother Shot Her And She Almost Died

The Osbournes via YouTube

Kelly Osbourne recently shared a chilling incident from her past on The Osbournes Podcast, recounting how her brother Jack accidentally shot her with a pellet gun, resulting in a near-death experience. During the April 23 episode, Kelly, now 39, confronted Jack, 38, about the traumatic event in a candid family conversation moderated by their parents, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne.

As the discussion unfolded, Kelly bluntly accused Jack, stating, “You shot me…and I almost died.” Although Sharon, their mother, intervened to clarify that the weapon involved was a pellet gun, Kelly emphasized the severity of the situation, recalling the moment the pellet pierced her leg. “Mum, it went straight through my leg and out the other side,” she recounted.

Jack acknowledged the potential danger of pellet guns, acknowledging that they can still cause harm. Despite the siblings’ banter, Kelly revealed the excruciating pain she endured, likening it to “someone putting a hot poker through my leg really fast.” Ozzy, their father, inquired about the pain, prompting Kelly to describe the burning sensation caused by the injury.

However, the most agonizing aspect of the ordeal was the medical treatment that followed. Kelly described the procedures performed at a small hospital in England during the 90s, where the X-ray machine was malfunctioning. Without proper imaging, medical staff improvised by using a long Q-tip dipped in iodine to probe the wound and ensure no remnants of the pellet remained lodged in her leg.

Despite the seriousness of the incident, both Kelly and Jack characterized it as an accident. They recalled the circumstances leading up to the shooting, with their father, Ozzy, absent from home due to work commitments on a movie set. Jack, taking responsibility as the operator of the air rifle, humorously attributed the mishap to Kelly’s unexpected movement in front of him.

Despite the gravity of the situation, the siblings maintained a lighthearted demeanor, acknowledging the innocence of their actions as children. Ozzy, however, urged them to steer the conversation toward happier topics, emphasizing the importance of positivity on the podcast.

Check out the podcast episode below!

Have you ever experienced a mishap like this with siblings?