Kelly Clarkson Reveals Drastic Weight Loss and Her Fans are Curious to Know Her Diet Secrets

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Kelly Clarkson first became a household name when she won the singing competition “American Idol.” Since then, she has proven herself worthy of winning with multiple hit songs and a successful career both in music and television.

Clarkson gone through a lot in her personal life. She married and later divorced Brandon Blackstock. She has been open about how difficult the divorce was for her, and she even chose to walk away from the show “The Voice” because it was hard for her to pretend to be happy and keep smiling while dealing with the emotions of her divorce from Blackstock.

Now, Clarkson seems to be coming back to the happy side of life. She has moved her family and her talk show from Los Angeles to New York, and she’s showing off a new slimed down profile as well. In fact, when she posted a picture of herself on Instagram on October 15, 2023, her fans were quick to ask for diet secrets. One comment reads, “Please share your secrets!! What are you doing to look so amazing!!”

Another fan wrote, “You look fabulous girl! Keep it up !!”

Clarkson has posted several more pictures over the week showing off what she wore on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Meyers. In both posts, she looks stunning.


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Clarkson has yet to answer her fans’ request for diet tips this time around, but back in 2015 she shared how she managed to drop 40 pounds at that time. She explained that she has had a thyroid problem since 2006. She started taking medication for it, but eventually she ditched the drug in favor of lifestyle changes.

In 2018, Clarkson lost 37 pounds thanks to a book called “The Plant Paradox” which is about a “lectin-free” diet. At the time, she told Extra, “I’m not on medicine anymore because of this book.”

In 2019, there were rumors that Clarkson was using a type 2 diabetes drug called Ozempic in order to lose weight, but she claimed that wasn’t true.

Now, there are rumors that Clarkson’s weight loss might have something to do with her divorce and moving her show to New York. She told USA Today, “I knew I needed a fresh start and couldn’t be in L.A. I really wanted to be in Montana, but you can’t really do a show from there quite yet. So I was like, ‘The only other option would probably be New York.” She added that since she has moved she feels “like a weight has lifted.”

Perhaps a weight have been lifted both emotionally and physically, but Clarkson has yet to explain exactly how she slimmed down this time.

Do you think Clarkson will eventually share with her fans how she lost weight?