Fans Upset With Katy Perry For Bullying And “Mom Shaming” A Mother Of Three On American Idol

American Idol

While many women dream of having a family and a career, some women choose one over the other, at least to start. Some women may put their career first and put off getting married until later in life. Other women may fall in love at a young age and decide to start a family, prioritizing their children over their own dreams.

Sara Beth is only 25 years old, and when she auditioned for the reality singing competition “American Idol,” the judges thought she looked more like a teenager. Sara Beth found that flattering especially because she’s actually a mom to three little kids. She explained that she got married at a young age, and she has been a full time stay at home mom. While she appreciates that, she wanted to give singing a shot.

Some fans of “American Idol” found it rude the way judge Katy Perry reacted to Sara Beth. They didn’t find Katy’s jokes funny; they found them insulting. For example, when Sara Beth said she had 3 kids, Katy responded that she was “laying on the table too much.”

Even before Sara Beth had a chance to sing, many fans thought the judge was surprisingly rude and even bullying the contestant.

When it was time for Sara Beth to sing, Katy was still hard on her and insisted that she try singing a second song. In the end, when it was time to vote, Luke Bryan voted “yes,” Lionel Richie voted “no,” and it came down to Katy to break the tie. Her vote might surprise you.

Watch the video below to see Sara Beth’s audition for yourself.

Do you think Katy was showing tough love, or do you think her comments were a form of bullying and mom-shaming? Does it surprise you how Katy voted?