Katie Couric Opens Up About Her New Bombshell Memoir


Katie Couric spent three years writing her bombshell memoir “Going There.” In the book, she talks about her personal and professional life. Some of the things she wrote were far from flattering, but she felt now was the time to share.

Couric revisited her old stomping grounds for an interview on TODAY where she was a co-host for many years. This time she was the guest not the host.

Part of the reason Couric decided to write the book was to share details about her late husband with her daughters. For example, she wanted them to know how they met and know more about who he was as a person. They were only 2 and 6 when their dad passed away. Couric also wanted to share lessons that she learned throughout the experiences in her life.

Obviously, this is not just a book for Couric’s daughters. Although most people have yet to read the book, there have been several tid bits of information that have been shared in the media. Couric took the interview on TODAY as an opportunity to address the scandalous headlines about her memoir.

Couric called the book “fun” and admitted that she was “honest,” but she also explained that she feels many of these headlines take lines from the book “completely out of context to get clicks probably.” She explained that if you were to read the book, it wouldn’t seem so scandalous.

In the interview, Couric also talks about when she left the TODAY show to start a new job at CBS and how transitioning from NBC to CBS was complete culture shock. She doesn’t think CBS was ready for her, and she doesn’t think viewers were ready for a woman to anchor a nighttime news show.

Watch the video below to hear more about Couric’s new book which will be available on October 26, 2021.

Are you planning to read “Going There” when it’s available? Does it surprise you that Couric thinks her comments were taken out of context? Do you think Couric regrets leaving TODAY?