Kathy Griffin Did Not Expect This Reaction When She Took The Stage

Sometimes it can be easy to think of celebrities as super human somehow, as if they’re more capable than the rest of us. That’s not true. They’re people too.

Have you ever thought about how hard it must be to stand on stage and talk or sing for over two hours? We know we’d at least need to take some breaks for water, or maybe even a snack. Yet, singers, dancers, actors and comedians perform on stage for hours on a regular basis, and they don’t seem negatively impacted by it at all. That was until Kathy Griffin took the stage back in 2017.

In 2017, Griffin was performing at Dublin’s Vicar Street when she had what the New York Times called a “wild show.” During the show, Griffin was on stage performing for more than 2 hours when something completely unexpected happened. She fainted.

When Griffin found out the New York Times was at her show, she was surprised, but she considered the review “fair.” She added, “Could not ask for a better first line.” What was that first line? “Every era gets the Lenny Bruce it deserves. Ours is Kathy Griffin.”

After the show, Griffin turned to Twitter to reassure her fans that she was okay and to thank them “for being forgiving and understanding.” She jokingly added, “I promise to be upright the entire show next time.”

Griffin has kept true to her word, and there have not been other fainting incidents on stage since. In fact, she has done quite a lot since 2017 including staring in several movies and TV series such as “Cursed Friends,” “Search Party” and “Crazy Yankers.”

Watch the video below to hear what else Griffin has been up to in the past few years.