Kate Middleton and Prince William Share Their Latest Christmas Card Photo

@dukeandduchessofcambridge via Instagram

Every year around this time we start to receive more mail than usual in the mailbox. Along with bills and store ads, we see more and more Christmas cards from family and friends.

It’s always nice to receive a Christmas card. Some cards are from boxed sets with a hand-written message from the sender inside. Some include elaborate poems or well wishes for the new year. Some cards include whole letters summarizing the events throughout the year.

The bulk of the cards we receive in the mail are none of the above. Most of our friends and family tend to send custom photo cards. Each card includes one or several photos of the family.

Nothing marks the passing of time like looking at how much kids change and grow up each year, and it’s so easy to do that just by looking at the children on Christmas cards. On a recent card we received, the children look like they’ve grown a foot since last year.

Although you probably aren’t on the Christmas card mailing list for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, you can still see what we mean about how quickly kids change from year to year just by looking at their Christmas cards. Thankfully, the royals are in the habit of releasing their Christmas card photos early on social media, so the whole world can see their smiling faces.

Prince William and Kate Middleton chose rather casual photos in previous years. For example, in 2018, the family wore sweaters and jeans. Prince Louis was just a baby. Time travel back to 2018 by looking at the photo below.

The Duke and Duchess recently released their Christmas card photo for 2021. Although Kate and William don’t look like they’ve changed a whole lot, the children are noticeably more mature. The photo was taken during a family trip to Jordan. Instead of wearing sweaters, the family chose clothing more appropriate for warmer weather. William and the boys are wearing shorts. Kate and Charlotte are wearing dresses.

The family looks comfortable and casual like in previous years, but we just can’t get over how quickly the kids are growing up. See Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 2021 Christmas card photo below.

Do you send custom photo cards to family and friends for the holidays? What do you think of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s latest Christmas card photo?