Here’s How The Royal Family Really Feels About Kate Middleton’s Family Facing Financial Issues

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The recent financial struggles of Kate Middleton’s family, particularly the collapse of their party planning company, Party Pieces, have prompted speculation about how the royal family perceives these challenges. However, according to royal expert Christopher Andersen, the royal family harbors no judgment toward the Middletons amid their financial difficulties.

Andersen, known for his insights into royal dynamics, emphasized to Us Weekly that there’s no embarrassment within the royal circles regarding the setback faced by Party Pieces. “No one in the royal family is embarrassed by the failure of Party Pieces,” Andersen asserted, dispelling any notions of stigma associated with the Middletons’ business downturn.

The Middleton family, led by Carole and Michael Middleton, was compelled to sell Party Pieces in May 2023 due to mounting debts, as reported by U.K.’s The Times. Despite struggling to settle insolvency firm costs exceeding $329,000, Andersen emphasized that the business failure doesn’t reflect the personal finances of the Middletons.

“People shouldn’t make the mistake that the Middletons are broke, because they decidedly are not,” Andersen clarified, highlighting the substantial personal assets the family possesses despite the business challenges they’ve encountered.

Carole Middleton, along with her brother Gary Goldsmith, has amassed considerable fortunes over the years, Andersen noted. He attributed the demise of Party Pieces to the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, elucidating how the pandemic-induced restrictions drastically affected the market for the company’s services.

Amid the Middletons’ financial woes, the family faces additional challenges, notably Kate Middleton’s health concerns. After revealing her battle with cancer, Andersen emphasized the family’s focus on supporting Kate during this trying period, with Carole Middleton playing a pivotal role in providing emotional sustenance to her daughter.

Given the gravity of Kate’s health condition and other pressing issues within the royal family, Andersen dismissed the notion that the Middletons’ financial setbacks are a cause for concern among the royals. “Between the king’s cancer battle and Kate’s cancer battle, the last thing they have on their minds is how much the Middletons owe their creditors,” Andersen remarked.

While the royal family remains unworried about the Middletons’ debts, the collapse of Party Pieces has undoubtedly been distressing for Carole and Michael Middleton. However, they are resolute in shielding their children, including Kate, from unnecessary worries amid these trying times.

As Kate focuses on her recovery while undergoing chemotherapy, she prioritizes ensuring her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, comprehend and cope with the situation.

How do you think the Middletons’ financial challenges will shape their resilience and unity as a family moving forward?