Staff Member: Kate Middleton Has Been Subjected To Emotional And Verbal Abuse By Prince William, According To Report

360ber via Deposit Photos

Animated movies may make the life of a princess look glamorous, but if you look closely, we can’t think of one fictional princess who actually had an easy life. They endured hardship, captivity and sometimes fought for their lives.

What is it like to be a real princess? Let’s look at the life of Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William. She is officially a princess who is a working member of the British royal family. She seems to take her royal duties seriously and seems to look fairly happy in photos and videos. That sounds kind of similar to the first impression of a fictional princess. Let’s look closer.

According to an insider who spoke with Marca, life isn’t so great for Middleton. In fact, the source, who is a staff member with first hand knowledge of the situation inside the royal family, claims that Prince William is the one who is to blame for making Middleton’s life miserable.

According to the anonymous source, “Kate’s really been through the wringer lately.” The source explained, “The way William treats her is just awful, and it’s been really hard on her. She’s such a strong person, but even she has her breaking point.”

The royal family has yet to publicly comment on the allegations at this time, but they will probably have to comment eventually. In the meantime, they may try to handle the situation internally. After all, allegations of abuse within the royal family is serious and would definitely not be good for their image, especially when the accusations are about the man who is next in line for the throne.

On X (formerly Twitter), many people are sharing their own opinions about the allegations, jumping to conclusions that the allegations are true and claiming that William is “like his father.” One comment reads, “I believe it. Waitey Katey puts on a good front. William is just like his father. He was jealous of H&M being dubbed the modern royals. Everything went to hell thereafter. He cheats on her as well. Like father like son.”

Meanwhile others think the accusations are simply “made up nonsense” and if there’s any truth to it it’s probably just a normal argument among a married couple.

Do you think there’s truth to the accusations about Prince William abusing his wife? Do you think it’s made up? How do you think the royal family will respond?