Kate Middleton Loves These Comfy Sneakers — Here’s Where You Can Buy Them

There are a lot of staples women need in their closets—a basic white T-shirt, a pencil skirt, and of course, a good pair of white sneakers. But the latter is much harder to find than you might imagine. Typically, if they’re an attractive pair of footwear, they’re not comfortable, or sometimes the comfortable pairs sacrifice looking nice. It’s a struggle if we ever knew one.

You know who doesn’t know the white sneaker struggle? Kate Middleton. Girlfriend has been rocking the same pair of white sneakers for a while now and absolutely swears by them. You’d think she always walked around in heels, but she actually loves a good pair of low-key comfortable walking shoes.

We want to preface this by saying, no we’re pretty sure she didn’t have servants to find her these perfect white pair of sneakers. And no, they don’t cost the price of a new car. They go with pretty much any type of outfit; you can keep it casual with jeans and a T-shirt or wear it with a mini skirt for a cute touch.

The best part? They’re totally affordable! And convenient to boot. You can get them online at Zappos for just $65! We knew we always liked Kate Middleton.

Not only are the sneakers royally approved, there are tons of amazing reviews of the sneakers on Zappos. People love these shoes for all different reasons—and we really mean all kinds of reasons. Take a look:

One person commented on how long they last: “I have been wearing these shoes since 1993, and each pair has been fantastic!”

Another commented on how they never go out of style: “I like the casual and simple elegance of Superga sneakers — a real timeless shoe to work into any season.”

This commenter loves that the sneaks work for any type of style: “These shoes are pretty sweet. I was looking for a shoe that was versatile and sporty, but that could also be dressed up.”

This lady is into the convenience of being able to wash hem in a washing machine: “Classy shoe (for a sneaker) and love being able to throw them in the washer!”

You can get used to them right away, according to this person: “The first day I wore them I walked for hours and they were super comfortable…no wearing in necessary.”

Even men are into the shoe—men with psoriasis, we might add, who really need the extra comfort: “My husband has psoriasis and only unlined canvas shoes keep his feet from getting super itchy – but the shoes are never strong enough to hold up, and the fabric rips within just a few weeks. We LOVE these shoes – they have held up well and worked for his feet.”

A sneaker that men, women, and even the Duchesses of Cambridge love? Sign us up! You can bet we’re going to order a pair or two for ourselves.

Have you had any luck finding the perfect white sneaker? What do you think of this timeless shoe that goes with any kind of outfit? Will you be ordering a pair of these for yourself?