Kate Beckinsale’s Heart Is ‘Totally Broken’ After Devastating Loss

Actress Kate Beckinsale is a self-described cat person. Whether you prefer dogs or cats, if you have ever had a pet, you probably know that a family pet often becomes as close as a human member of the family. Pets can be very loving, and in return, we give them our love. It can be a sad cycle because cats and dogs do not live as long as people. That means that at some point, we have to say goodbye to our beloved animals.

Beckinsale took to Instagram to share the sad news that her beloved cat Clive has died. In the post, she shared a picture of herself holding Clive and wrote in the caption, “Clive has died . I don’t have it in me to make a montage or even look at pictures of him yet.”

She went on to explain just how devastating a loss this is for her. She wrote, “Every single part of my house feels like he should be in it . If anyone is expecting to hear from me , you may not for a bit and I’m sorry .My heart is absolutely and totally broken.”

She ended the post by sharing Clive’s year of birth and death “2004-2023.” That means Clive was 19 years old, which is quite a long life for a cat, which might make the loss especially heartbreaking.


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In the comments of Beckinsale’s post, many fans, followers, and famous friends shared their sympathy and their own stories of losing a pet. For example, The Stray Cat Alliance shared, “I am so sorry for your loss. I wanted to let you know that someone donated to us in Clive’s name today. Take care.”

Another comment reads, “My heart breaks for you… I have really loved every single post you made with him. I am a cat mama too and know your pain. Sending love your way.”

While Beckinsale is grieving Clive, she has her other cat, Willow, to keep her company. Beckinsale previously shared that a friend gave her Willow in 2019. As she explained on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” she later discovered why her friend gave Willow away. Watch the video below to learn about Willow’s strange way of showing affection for her owner.

Do you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person? Can you relate to Beckinsale’s heartbreak when losing a pet?

Rest in peace, Clive.