Justin Bieber Is Recovering From Facial Paralysis, And He Shows Off His Progress In New Video

Back in June, 2022, singer Justin Bieber shared with fans that he was suffering from paralysis on about half of his face due to a condition known as Ramsay Hunt syndrome. At the time, Bieber had to cancel multiple shows because of the condition.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Ramsay Hunt syndrome (herpes zoster oticus) occurs when a shingles outbreak affects the facial nerve near one of your ears. In addition to the painful shingles rash, Ramsay Hunt syndrome can cause facial paralysis and hearing loss in the affected ear.”

When Bieber announced the news, he shared a video showing what exactly the paralysis looked like. He demonstrated how he was unable to move the eyebrow on the right side of his face, and he was also unable to smile. He shared that he knew he would one day be able to move his face normally and was working on getting better.

Nine months later, Bieber is finally ready to show his fans what recovery looks like. In a new video from Bieber that he captioned “wait for it,” he shows fans that he is once again able to move both eyebrows and smile normally.

The video, which was shared via an Instastory, was short but powerful if you know ahead of time that Bieber previously wasn’t able to move one side of his face. In the video, he raises both eyebrows and then smiles at the camera. Looks like he’s made a full recovery.

Watch the video below to learn more about Bieber’s condition, his recovery and drama surrounding ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.


Does it surprise you that it took 9 months for Bieber to be able to confidently show off the progress he’s made recovering from paralysis? Do you think he will be rescheduling his canceled shows in the near future?