Jon Gosselin Goes After Online Trolls After Racist Remarks on Estranged Daughter’s Social Media

You probably remember the show “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” The hit TV show featured Kate and Jon Gosselin plus their 8 children, twin daughters Cara and Madelyn plus their sextuplet babies who quickly became toddlers, Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel, and Leah.

Things have changed a lot for the Gosselin family since the last episode of the show aired. Kate and Jon are no longer together, and only two of the couple’s children are even willing to speak to their father. Hannah and Collin live with Jon, while the rest of the kids live with their mother, Kate.

Now, things have gotten even messier. Jon is facing accusations that he physically assaulted his son Collin, who is now 16. Apparently, Collin and Jon got into an argument in the car. Then, when they got home, Collin posted on social media that his father threw him on the ground and kicked him in the ribs. The post has since been deleted.

Jon claims that while the argument in the car happened, the physical violence never happened. He said that he restrained his son so that he wouldn’t run away but that he never hit him. He also explained that his son lied to the police because he is suffering from mental health issues.

Hannah was there at the time, and she backs up her father’s story, but Kate believes that Jon is violent and abusive. Obviously, she wasn’t there, so she can’t know for sure what happened.

With all of this drama and the arguments between the parents, it’s easy to wonder how the Gosselin children are really doing. Assuming Collin was not attacked by his father, how are they all doing mentally with the family drama and the public eye watching?

Madelyn goes by Mady now, and she is 19 years old. She doesn’t post on social media very often, but she did recently post a picture with a couple of her friends. In the picture, the three girls are smiling and look happy. We can only hope that she is in fact happy despite the feud between her parents.

Even though Mady doesn’t speak to her dad, he is still there for her and standing up for her from afar. Some online trolls posted negative comments on her social media posts, and he is not standing for it. For example, one comment reads, “too much Asian” and another comment reads, “It’s been so amazing to watch such an ungrateful brat grow up.”

In both examples, Mady stood up for herself, responding to the comments with grace, but her dad wasn’t exactly so graceful about it. He was more direct. He said, “Even though I haven’t talked to my daughters in years they are still my daughters and I love them.”

Addressing the negative comments specifically, Jon added, “She is not spoilt, the twins were the least spoilt because they had to help out with the younger kids. They helped with everything.” He also added that there is no such thing as “too much Asian.”

Jon ended his message with a vague threat, “So again my message is simple. Leave my kids alone. Period. Go about your way. Or you’re going to have a bigger problem.”

Does it surprise you that Jon would defend Mady? Do you believe Jon that he is not abusive?