John Travolta Posts Adorable Video Of His Famous Dog Waking Him Up

johntravolta via Instagram

Is there anything better than waking up to puppy kisses? Any dog lover will tell you no, including John Travolta.

The actor recently shared the sweetest video clip on Instagram of his son, Ben’s dog giving him the cutest, slobbery puppy kisses all over his face.

“This is how Ben’s dog Peanut wakes me up,” Travolta captioned the video of the dog licking his face in bed. In the video, he uses adorable high-pitched baby talk with Peanut, which just adds to the overall cuteness of the scene.


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Peanut is the infamous dog that Travolta adopted for his son during the Oscars, when Jamie Lee Curtis brought her on stage during a Betty White tribute that discussed her dedication to animal welfare.

“Day in and day out for almost a century, she was a woman who cared so much for not just her two-legged friends but for animals just like this,” Curtis said on stage, holding up the dog. “So, the greatest gift you could give Betty White is to open your heart and your home and adopt a rescue dog just like Mac & Cheese from (the nonprofit organization) Paw Works.”


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Apparently the dog was thrown in a box outside of an animal shelter, and Travolta couldn’t resist taking him home to be with him and his son. He hasn’t regretted it since—ever since that day, Peanut has made their lives that much better.

The dog was original named Mac N Cheese, but the two changed it to Peanut—probably because, well, he’s such a peanut!

Travolta and his son love their little addition, and is forever grateful to Curtis for bringing them together.

How sweet is this pup? What’s the best way you like to wake up in the morning?