John Legend Urges Churchgoers To Stay Home On Easter Sunday

It’s one thing to be experiencing a global pandemic—but a global pandemic over a holiday weekend?

With Easter coming up this weekend, it’s enough to make everyone want to go against the social distancing policies and head to church for some normalcy. And while that might seem impossible at all, apparently some ministers opening their doors for the holiday.

However, singer John Legend has something to say to anyone who is considering going.

John grew up always going to church, especially on Easter, so he completely understands the longing for it. But the risks are simply not going to be worth the reward.

He initially shared an article on his Twitter discussing how, after a choir allowed a rehearsal of dozens of people to continue, many members contracted COVID-19 and two have died from the virus.

“This story is for anyone even contemplating, considering, thinking, imagining, dreaming about going to church on Easter Sunday. And please send this to your older relatives who aren’t on Twitter,” he posted.

Scary stuff. And yet, people were still considering heading off to services. If the pastors are dismissing government guidelines, then it’s safe, right?

No, not really.

“Don’t let these pastors kill your auntie or grandparent,” he wrote to someone who replied back to his original tweet.

If you want to go to Easter services, check to see if your church will live stream their services on either Instagram, Facebook or another social media service. Many have been doing so since the pandemic began and will surely not stop on Easter.

The takeaway from John is simple: Don’t physically set foot in church this Easter.

“I say this as a pastor’s grandson and nephew. I know how hard it is for many churches to pay their mortgage and that most pastors aren’t anywhere near rich and rely on the weekly offering to make things work for themselves and their congregation,” he concludes. “BUT. DO. NOT. GO. TO. CHURCH.”

Even so, there’s no reason for churches to open their doors to patrons. Remember that there are now COVID-19 relief loans as a result of the CARES Act, which allows many businesses and organizations to still pay employees as coronavirus spreads across the globe.

So instead, tune into the services from the comfort of your couch. Hide eggs around your home for kids to find. Order some chocolate bunnies online to snack on. It’ll still be a great holiday!

What do you plan on doing for Easter this year? How will it differ from previous years you’ve celebrated?