“Tiger King” Star Joe Exotic’s Prostate Cancer May Have Spread, Refuses To Get Treatment

@joe_exotic via Instagram

Joe Exotic, also known as the Tiger King, became a household name back in 2020 when a show documenting his life, his zoo and his feud with Carole Baskin hit Netflix. The show was called “Tiger King.” His antics, his ego and his unusual life were enough to captivate audiences stuck at home at the beginning of the pandemic.

In the end, Exotic was sent to prison for a suspected attempt to kill Baskin. He is still behind bars to this day, and it’s possible he may die there.

According to medical records obtained by TMZ, doctors believe Exotic’s prostate cancer may have spread and that he may now also have bladder cancer. There has been blood in his urine, and he has also been bleeding during his prostate cancer treatments.

Reportedly, Exotic is refusing to be treated for bladder cancer. Exotic wrote, “I want to stay here and just let it take its course.”

Even though Exotic seems to be refusing to fight bladder cancer, he has not given up his fight for freedom. He still insists that he is innocent and should never have been sent to jail. He wrote, “The world has to know just how corrupt our justice system is … If I have to be the one to die innocent in here fighting for the truth maybe people around the world will finally speak up for the truth for once.”

Exotic was accused of paying a man $3000 in order to kill Baskin.

Exotic is currently engaged to a man he met on the internet, Seth Posey. He recently updated his will, leaving everything to Posey.

It seems that Posey is all Exotic is really thinking about right now. He wrote, “I could care less about dying, my birthday is coming up soon and all I want is to see Seth.”

Exotic has 20 years left on his prison sentence. How long he is expected to live is not clear. He is 59 years old.

If you don’t remember “Tiger King,” watch the video below to get up to speed.