Jill Biden’s Outfit While Walking Off Air Force One Has Caused Quite A Stir

White House

Everyone probably has a certain holiday or a few holidays that they look forward to all year long. For example, many people look forward to Christmas because it’s a time that many spend with their families, have time off from work, and for children, there’s always the joy of receiving gifts from Santa.

Another popular holiday for many is Halloween. Getting dressed up in costumes and handing out candy or going trick-or-treating is certainly spooky fun that only happens once a year.

There are other big holidays like the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Easter that are definitely popular and festive, but do you know anyone whose favorite holiday is a little bit less common?

What about April Fool’s Day? Do you know anyone who plots and plans for this holiday all year long? You might. Some people live to pull off a good prank. Other people dread the day, hoping to make it through without falling for any pranks.

First Lady Jill Biden apparently loves April Fool’s Day. Her husband, President Joe Biden, even shared this information on the Rachael Ray show back in 2014 when he was Vice President at the time. He told Ray, “What I worry about when I wake up on April Fool’s Day is: What in the hell is Jill gonna do this time? You think I’m joking. I am not joking.”

The President continued by giving an example of a time when his wife pulled off an elaborate prank by hiding in the overhead bin on Air Force Two. Really. She did that.

Becoming First Lady by no means caused Mrs Biden to scale back on her April Fool’s Day pranks. In fact, this year, she pranked not only her husband but also the media and her own staff. The elaborate prank once again took place on an airplane, this time, Air Force One. She dressed in a disguise and pretended to be a flight attendant while on board the plane. She even passed out ice-cream bars.

Watch the video below to learn more about the First Lady’s most recent April Fool’s Day prank.

While it’s clear that the First Lady loves April Fool’s Day, that is not even her favorite holiday. According to her husband, her favorite holiday is actually Valentine’s Day.

What’s your favorite holiday? Have you ever pulled off an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank? Does it surprise you that the First Lady likes to prank her husband on April Fool’s Day?