Jewel Joins Kelly Clarkson Virtually for a Heartbreakingly Beautiful Version of ‘Foolish Games’

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Music is something that has the power to truly bring people together, even when they’re apart. And in the age of COVID-19, we all need some moving music to bring us up from the dumps, right? Thanks to singers Kelly Clarkson and Jewel, we have the perfect performance to do just that.

On a recent episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Clarkson invited Jewel to sing alongside her. It was the 25th. anniversary of the album “Pieces of You,” which came out in 1995—an album that changed the course of Jewel’s life forever. To commemorate it, together, the two sang one of her hit songs from the album “Foolish Games.”

Jewel appeared on a video screen alongside Clarkson for what Clarkson referred to as a “socially distant” “performance—but trust us when we say that you’d never know these two weren’t in the same room together. The performance was truly stunning.

Fans who watched the performance couldn’t get enough of the duet from the two singers.

“This is absolutely incredible,” someone wrote on the video. “Jewel sounds better than ever and well, the queen of harmony herself just makes this song even more heartbreakingly beautiful.”

“Kelly held back not to over power jewel and let jewel have the respect of holding the lead, She even held her tone and key down,” another wrote. “We all adore how humble you are still after all your fame. You are a true artist and performer. Much respect all these years.”

“Jewel’s voice is phenomenal, and so is her song. With Kelly, makes this the best collaboration of 2020,” another person commented.

Even Clarkson couldn’t believe that she got to sing together with someone who has such a beautiful pitch. “Singing harmony with you is the coolest thing,” Clarkson told her. “You have the sexiest female voice I’ve ever heard in my entire life.”

Well, we can’t argue there! “It’s rare when any artist has an album with that kind of effect on pop culture,” Clarkson told Jewel when she spoke to her afterwards.

“This album feels like a magic carpet,” Jewel agreed.

You’re just going to have to hear it for yourself. Check out the video below that showcases the beautiful performance from these two talented artists. Warning: You may need to break out a box of tissues.

How lovely is this performance? Are you a Kelly Clarkson and/or Jewel fan? What are your favorite songs by either artist?