Jessica Alba’s Photoshoot Gets Interrupted By a Massive Rattlesnake

While many people are on high alert about the coronavirus pandemic, we can’t forget that there are other dangers lurking all around us. This is not a post to cause fear, but it is a reminder that nature can sometimes surprise you.

Recently, actress and Honest Company co-founder Jessica Alba was posing in front of a statue during a photoshoot. There were leaves on the ground, and the background seemed pretty woodsy. 

Alba was wearing a face mask during the photoshoot, and someone off screen thought it would be a good idea to take a couple pictures of Alba without the face mask on. 

Cameras were rolling this whole time, and what happened next was caught on video.

Alba looked completely calm and relaxed until she looked down and noticed what had literally when right in front of her this whole time – a 5-foot long rattlesnake!

The rattlesnake almost completely blends in with the leaves around it, but once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Alba immediately walks away from the snake, and the crew is clearly flustered using several expletives as they rush to leave the location.

Watch the video below to see Alba’s reaction to the rattlesnake and be sure to swipe left to see a close-up of the snake which was taken from a safe distance. Be warned: there are some curse words used in this video. You may not want to watch it at work, school or in front of your children.


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When u unknowingly walk over a 5ft 🐍 rattle☠️🙀🤯…. 🛑adult language

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Many of Alba’s followers have jumped in the comments to express how glad they are that the snake didn’t bite her. One person wrote, “I just got so scared for you!”

Another comment reads, “Wooooooooooooooow oh heyell no. Thank God it didn’t bite you.”

One follower commented, “In our culture, we have a superstitious belief that when you encounter a snake (not bitten), you will be lucky.”

Well, let us hope that this snake actually did bring Alba good luck!

Have you ever seen a rattlesnake in the wild? How would you react if you looked down and saw a rattlesnake at your feet?