Bunnie XO Reveals Husband Jelly Roll Bullied Off Of Social Media

E! News via YouTube

Country singer Jelly Roll’s absence from social media has raised questions among fans, but his wife, Bunnie XO, sheds light on the reason behind it. In a candid moment shared on the “Dumb Blonde” podcast and later circulated on TikTok, Bunnie expressed her frustration with the online bullying directed towards her husband.

Addressing the issue head-on, Bunnie XO revealed that Jelly Roll had chosen to step away from the internet due to relentless bullying about his weight. “He is so tired of being bullied about his f**king weight,” she stated in the clip, highlighting the emotional toll it has taken on him.

“That makes me want to cry because he is the sweetest angel baby,” Bunnie XO said. “My husband doesn’t show it to you guys but I’m gonna have a very vulnerable moment here. It hurts him.”

You can listen to the 3-minute clip in the video below!

Despite Jelly Roll’s public persona, Bunnie emphasized that the hurtful comments deeply affect him. Expressing her dismay at the prevalence of online harassment, Bunnie challenged the notion that celebrities should simply endure such treatment. “Don’t bully people because you never know where they are mentally,” she asserted.

The couple’s bond is evident in their journey together. Having tied the knot in 2016 after meeting at one of Jelly Roll’s concerts, they’ve navigated challenges and triumphs as a team. Jelly Roll has credited Bunnie for bringing stability and support into his life, particularly in his role as a father to his two children from previous relationships.

In a heartfelt tribute, Jelly Roll described Bunnie as “a beacon of change” in Billboard, highlighting her instrumental role in his personal growth. Her unwavering support has enabled him to overcome obstacles and pursue his goals, both in his music career and personal well-being.

“You’re talking about a woman that came in and took a child that was soon to be born and a child that [we were] soon to have full custody of,” he told Billboard. “I would have never got custody of my daughter without her. I wouldn’t have had the stability or the money.”

Recently, Jelly Roll shared his commitment to a healthier lifestyle, revealing his remarkable weight loss of over 70 pounds. As he prepares to participate in a 5k race, his dedication to fitness reflects a positive shift in his journey towards self-improvement.

What steps can we take to combat online bullying and promote a culture of kindness and empathy on social media platforms?