Jay Leno Shows Off His “Brand New Face” Following His Severe Burn Accident

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In November 2022, comedian Jay Leno was seriously injured in a garage fire. The known car lover was working on one of his cars at his garage in Burbank, California, when the car caught fire, and he ended up in the hospital.

Now, in March 2023, Leno is finally ready to show off his “brand new face” on television. He made his “new face” debut on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Being a true comedian, Leno joked about the fire and his injuries. He joked that he caught fire because he’d “been eating a Flaming Hot Dorito.”

Later in the show, he joked, “Only for the second time in my career am I the new face of comedy. I got it once in the eighties and now I get it again.”

While Leno was clearly in good spirits and made light of his situation, he didn’t shy away from talking about the fact that his injuries were in fact quite serious. He explained, “I was working on a car, and I got a face full of gasoline.” He added, “It was all third degree burns. It was pretty bad.”

Kelly Clarkson seemed amazed that she couldn’t tell by looking at him that he’d been injured. She said, “You can’t tell at all!”

Leno emphasized, “This is a brand new face.”

Watch the video below to see Leno show off his new face for yourself.

What you may not know is that the garage fire is not the only recent injury Leno experienced. Just two months after his face caught on fire, he was back in the hospital after a motorcycle injury. During this accident, he broke two ribs and his collarbone. Looks like he’s fully recovered from those injuries as well.