Jane Fonda Discusses The Truth About Her Relationship With Michael Jackson

On a recent episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” Jane Fonda sat down to answer some questions about her life, her career and her relationship with Michael Jackson.

Fonda, who is now 85 years old, shared that back in 1981, Michael Jackson once lived with her “for about a week.” This happened when she was making the movie “On Golden Pond.” They slept separately. There wasn’t anything romantic going on, but she explained that they used to be very good friends. She described him as “touching” and “a very interesting character.”

Not only did Jackson once stay with Fonda and visit her at her home “a lot,” but Fonda also fondly remembers going to Jackson’s home “a lot.”

Fonda clarified that she didn’t know Jackson very well towards the end of his life. In fact, she said she knew him best “before ‘Thriller.'”

While Fonda and Jackson never had a romantic relationship, she revealed that they did skinny dip together. That bit of information almost left Cohen speechless for a moment. Fonda didn’t give details about how they happened to skinny dip together or if it happened more than once; but she seemed to know it would be a surprising bit of information. She simply said, “I skinny dipped with him. How about that? Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

Fonda went on to answer other questions from fans about things like her famous workout album, the idea of remaking the movie “9 to 5” and her book “What Can I Do: My Path from Climate Despair to Action.” Watch the video below to hear more of what she had to say about her relationship with Jackson as well as other topics including the ones mentioned here.

Does it surprise you that Fonda and Jackson were once very good friends? Does it surprise you that they went skinny dipping together? Why do you think they didn’t continue to stay in touch during the later part of his life?