Jack Daniel’s Now Makes a Whiskey-Infused Coffee to Make Mornings More Interesting

Image of Jack Daniel's infused coffeeJack Daniel's

There’s nothing like a little whisky in your coffee to really amp up work day. It’s the perfect thing to drink before you greet your boss and get prepared for a morning meeting, right?

Um, we’re totally kidding! Pretty sure drinking on the job would be illegal for most companies, and would probably be grounds for getting fired. So we actually don’t recommend that.

But! We have to admit, we do love a good shot of whisky in our coffee every now and then (and only on the weekend, of course!).

However, we can’t lie. The combination of caffeine and alcohol can be a little dangerous. Drinking whisky that early in the morning can start your day on an interesting foot.

There’s also the struggle of getting the perfect ratio of whisky to coffee. It can be tricky; too much whisky and your coffee tastes like a frat party in college, and too much coffee means the whisky flavor can get hidden.

So what are you supposed to do? How do you ensure the perfect coffee-to-whisky proportion, while also keeping in mind that you should probably not be downing a ton of whisky so early in the morning?

Jack Daniel’s, our favorite longtime whisky brand, has read our minds, and answered our prayers. The company has just come out with a new product that’s going to have any coffee and whisky lover wanting a second cup, and a third cup. And guess what? That would be totally fine!

Why’s that? Yes, Mr. Daniels combined the two drinks to make a whisky-infused coffee. But here’s the clincher: There’s no actual alcohol in this product! So it’s an awesome way to get the taste of the whisky in your coffee, while also being able to stay sober enough to tackle the day.

The coffee is made from a unique blend of gourmet coffee by World of Coffee, and then infused with the delicious, vibrant flavors of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky. A medium roast coffee, it’s chock full of coffee flavor, but you also get the caramel and vanilla notes from the whisky you love so much.

“World of Coffee operates using the same principles as Mr. Jack Daniel: ‘Everyday we make it, we’ll make it the best that we can,” Jack Daniels states. “We have been roast masters since 1984 and adhere to strict quality standards in the sourcing and production of the best tasting coffee. Just like Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, our coffee blend is crafted with pride using premium beans and proprietary roasting methods for a delicious brew with bold character and a smooth finish.”

The coffee is sold in both caffeinated and decaf versions, and comes ground in 1.5 oz. bags or 8.8 oz. tins. The cost is $7.95 per bag and $18.99 per tin, and you can order it straight from their website.

Have you ever put a splash of whisky in your morning brew? What do you think of whisky-flavored coffee, without the actual alcohol? Would you ever purchase this product for yourself?