There’s An Invisible Cabin In The Woods, And Now We Know How It Works

If you’re a sucker for a unique place to stay on a getaway, then you’re in for a treat. This nearly-invisible—yes, we said invisible!—cabin in the woods needs to be the destination for your next trip.
The cabin, called “Arcana,” is located just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is truly one of its kind. We want to say that the outside is what makes the cabin, but inside is stunning just the same. It’s small—like very, very small—at 200-square-feet, but wow, does it have an immaculate, memorable footprint.

The interior is decorated in a minimalist Scandinavian vibe, with light maple walls and stainless-steel accents throughout. There is also a “portal” window, which spans the entire width of the cabin and provides a great view if you’re on the bed. And speaking of the bed, there’s a dining room table attached to it to save space.

It might sound crammed, but it’s actually not at all. The designers did a great job of creating efficiencies within the space as much as they could—think chargers in the headboard and dual lamps that face either the bed or the dining space. The headboard of the bed is also relatively high to crate separation between the bed area and kitchen.

When you rent out this unique cabin, you’re getting a lot more than the small space. There are eye masks waiting for you in your bed with a custom sound journey that you can close your eyes and listen to among nature.

Now let’s talk about the outside! What’s the trick to making it look invisible? It’s all in the material. The exterior is made of mirrors, so it always reflects its surroundings! That means it basically looks completely naked to the eye until you get close to it.

Having a mirrored design, the cabin resembles any season’s current weather. For example, when it snows, the cabin has a winter-wonderland look to it. In the fall, the exterior changes with the leaves. And in summer and spring, it’s surrounded by light browns and gorgeous greens.

It truly sounds like the most stress-free getaway! You can book your stay via their website. There’s a standard rate and then a rate if you want to include chef-prepared meals and snacks for your whole trip—what a treat!

Take a look and see for yourself the wonders of this cabin in the video below.

You can also view spectacular photos here!

What do you think of this cabin? Would you ever think about staying here for your next adventure?